I wanted to take a moment to introduce you all to my new grandson Zachary.  You are probably wondering hwy he would be so special and, friends, it is because he wasn’t supposed to be.  Zack was supposed to be an abortion and you can’t imagine how my heart overflows every time I lift him into my arms.

His mom is a member of our family now and be hope to see her and our son get married sometimes next year.  We fought many battles to give this most precious child life and we won with God’s help. Never tire in your zeal in saving the unborn.  It is because of the pro-life movement that Zack will one day smell the flowers and play with a new puppy.  We will never stop encouraging our young people to choose life.

I’ve enclosed a picture of the joy of our life and I’m sure everyone will agree that he is indeed a very special baby.

Pat Robinson, President, Parent’s for Life, Fort Erie, Ontario.