Bernardette Michael, running as an independent in Don Valley North in the forthcoming federal election, doesn’t have to be convinced of the necessity of protecting the unborn from the moment of conception – it just makes common sense to her. She said recently in an interview: “When I was pregnant with any of my ten children – I never said that I was expecting a fetus – I said I was expecting a baby!”

A former active liberal and federal party convention delegate, now disillusioned because of the Liberal party’s stand on abortion, she feels that she must take a stand for the rights of the unborn when all the other political parties (except the Christian Heritage Party) have indicated that it is acceptable to take the life of the unborn at various times after conception.

A longtime passionate pro-lifer and active church worker who has run for a number of political offices in the past, Bernardette justly deserves that support of all pro-lifers in Don Valley North.