The story of my relationship with Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Actually there isn’t one. Never met the woman, never spoken to her. But she has read two of my columns out on her radio show and that pleased me no end. I was flattered, because whatever minor criticisms one may have of Dr. Laura, she has courageously stood up for the virtues that do not change. For first things, for permanent things, for good things.

And now she is under attack for acting and speaking in such a manner. The homosexual lobby is the United States has decided to try to silence Schlessinger. Why? Simple. She presents an orthodox Jewish perspective on the sin of homosexuality, which is far from dissimilar to the perspective of observant Christians. She disapproves of the act of homosexuality but is loving and gracious towards the individuals who commit such an act.

It just so happens that Schlessinger is about to take her highly successful radio show to television, and the homosexual lobby has seen a chance to attack. They have tried to remove Dr. Laura from the radio in the past by attempting to influence advertisers and station managers. Nothing knew there, as I can testify from personal experience. But the show was too good, too strong to be shaken.

Television was a new development, however, and when projects are beginning they are always vulnerable. So activists told their people to make sure that at least ten telephone-calls, letters and e-mails were made or sent to the people at Paramount Television demanding that Laura Schlessinger be denied a place on the screen.

It is a self-evident truth that such behaviour is ugly and hypocritical. We know that television is distended to bursting point with soap operas, drama, documentaries and news shows lauding the homosexual lifestyle and mocking the traditional family. We also know that the very people who claim they want nothing more than tolerance seem to be the least tolerant people when it comes to accepting and, yes, tolerating contrary opinion. There are examples of this all of the time these days and few of us need to be reminded of contemporary realities.

We also know that the degree of money, time and commitment behind the homosexual cause is extremely impressive. Rather than bemoan the fact we should simply make sure that we equal and better them at the game.

But there is something more. Something that we should understand and employ. Something we should use, in fact, as a weapon against the “New Bigots” because they try to use it against us whenever they can. We must stand up and condemn these people for their crass, dirty and obvious anti-semitism.

Let me explain. The reason Laura Schlessinger is saying what she is about homosexuality is not because she is a Republican, a Democrat, an American, a conservative, a liberal or anything like it. She is saying these things because she is a faithful and observant Jew. Dr. Laura is Jewish. Thus to condemn her for holding and preaching such views is surely to condemn her Judaism. By extension such condemnation is nothing less than anti-semitism.

Supporters of the homosexual lobby will argue, of course, that there are many Jewish people who do not support Schlessinger on this subject. True enough. But the reason they do not is precisely because they have diluted their Jewish faith. So, it seems, according to the liberal establishment the less Jewish a Jewish person is, the better the person they are. Sounds repugnant and racist to me.

And before the usual nonsense is thrown at me, I speak as someone with three Jewish grand-parents, whose family became noticeably smaller after that satanic hater of all things Christian and Jewish, Adolf Hitler, had his way. So please, don’t tell me I don’t understand and appreciate Judaism and Jewishness. I would die to defend its integrity. Many of my relatives already have.

At a time when John Paul the Great has once again offered a pure and pristine apology and contrition for any past crimes against the Jewish people, we must look to the increasingly powerful ranks of the New Bigots and wonder how long it will be before they apologize. For their crimes against Judaism, against Christianity, against the family, against the unborn, against God.

Do not hold your breath, my friends, because we could be waiting for a very long time indeed. Best to take a number and get in line behind Dr. Laura.