The newest national pro-family organization, Family Forum, recently announced its guiding principles and first initiatives.

Family Forum has outlined five guiding principles, as drawn up b the men and women who are its founding members.  They are:

  • To promote, strengthen and defend the integrity of the family in Canada.
  • To protect the pre-born child and preserve the dignity and sanctity of human life at all ages.
  • To promote family life and the acceptance of individual responsibility by providing a Christian voice in a free and democratic society.
  • To research and analyze public issues in order to educate citizens, institutions and policymakers on matters concerning the family.
  • To support political initiatives consistent with Family Forum’s purposes and objectives.

In a recent press release, President Lynn Scime made public Family Forum’s proposal of a private medical insurance fund for pro-life supporters.  “People of conscience, who object to abortion, should not be compelled by law to contribute to medical insurance schemes that finance abortion,” stated Mrs. Scime.  Such a fund would undoubtedly offer reduced premiums to its participants, as is the case with “abstainers” insurance.

While Canadians await the outcome of a new abortion law, sources in Ottawa indicate that legislated access to abortion will be made available up to a set cut-off point of perhaps 12 to 16 weeks of life.  That scenario is unacceptable to Family Forum, in light of the fact that 89.6 per cent of all abortion take place within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  Such legislation would set in motion the “assembly-line” approach to abortion, within myriad of clinics and hospitals, designed to streamline the killing of babies.  All the more reason to work toward the creation of a medical insurance fund which does not underwrite abortion, believes Mrs. Scime.

Family Forum’s researchers, writers and editorial staff are directing their efforts to represent the interests of Canadian families by addressing such topics as tax reform, education, the national debt, state run (universal) day care, and enforced bilingualism, to name a few.

In an age of individual rights, minority rights and women’s rights, Family Forum has resurrected a long forgotten word…responsibility.  “Rights and responsibilities, of necessity, go hand-in-hand,” says Mrs. Scime.  “One without the other creates an imbalance which, in our society, has bred the selfishness of the ‘Me Generation.’”

Family Forum seeks to promote responsible action from the grass-roots level up, by keeping Canadians informed on various social political issues from a Christian perspective.  Family Forum invites men and women to join them in the battle for the family.

Further information on membership may be obtained by writing Family Forum, Box 421, Station “B”, Hamilton, Ontario, L8L 7W2, Telephone (416) 575-5120 or (416) 387-1374.