A synopsis of who said what on pro-life, pro-family issues in Parliament.

ABORTION – John Cormley, Brian White, Benno Friessen, Tony Roman, Elliot Hardey, Ross Belsher, Girve Fretz, Rob Nicholson, Joe Reid, Gus Mitges, and Blaine Thacker presented petitions supporting protection for unborn children in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Mitges’ motion); Bill Gottselig made a statement paying tribute to the work of the Saskatchewan Pro-life Association; Paul Gagnon reported that he had sent a motion of his constituents in Calgary north and that 66 p9er cent of respondents were in favor of it; John Oostrom congratulated Dr. Bernard Nathanson on his new film “Eclipse of Reason” and urged all MPs to attend the film’s premiere on Parliament Hill; Girve Pretz made a statement in support of Mitges’ motion and made reference to the graphic violence of abortion shown in the film “Eclipse of Reason”; Lawrence O’neil, Bob Corbett, John Oostrom, Bill Gottselig, and Dave Nickerson spoke in favour of Mitges’ motion on debate.

THE FAMILY – Bill Gottselig rose in defense of the traditional family, insisting that it is not “dead”, and giving statistics to prove his point.

CHILD CARE – Ross Belsher commented that some of the unlicensed daycare that the media had labeled as dangerous is in fact nursery schools, and join and senior kindergartens, and questioned whether children are really at risk in these unlicensed facilities.

WOMEN’S GROUPS – Margaret Mitchell presented a petition from residents of Whitehorse supporting the continuance of the Secretary of State Women’s Program and asking that applications for funding by REAL Women “be dealt with appropriately and in such a manner as this sees fit”; Hon, Barbara McDougall gave a permanent budget increase of $500,000 to the Canadian Advisory council on the Status of Women, who recently recommended to government that abortion be removed from the Criminal Code, and that governments finance free-standing abortion clinics.