A synopsis of who has said what on pro-life, pro-family issues in Parliament.

Abortion – John Oostrum urged the reinstatement of Statistics Canada record keeping on abortion; Alan Red way called for more frequent publication of statistics on abortion; Gordon Taylor compared “the murder of 60,000 human babies a year” to the atrocities of Nazi death camps; Ross Belcher revealed the efforts of Vancouver citizens raising funds to open an illegal abortion clinic and made reference to the already high rate of abortion in B.C., calling on the House of Commons to address the a abortion issue now; Alan Redway spoke on the need to promote adoption as a loving solution to the problem of abortion; John Oostrum condemned the Powell Report in Ontario which calls for increased abortion services; John Gormley called for a Parliamentary study on abortion, citing the 65,000 abortions performed each year mainly for convenience; Gus Mitges chided the national news media for incorrectly reporting that abortion is only allowed in Canada up to 20 weeks of gestation, and suggested that the media is trying to make the killing of unborn children more socially acceptable; Bob Corbert urged that the rights of unborn children be included in the Charter of Rights; Margaret Mitchell urged the government to implement the recent recommendations of the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women to remove abortion from the Criminal Code and approve publicly-funded free-standing abortion clinics.

Government funding – Rob Nicholson called on National Health and Welfare to approve a grant to Alliance for Life; Margaret Mitchell asked Secretary of State David Crombie why his department’s Women’s Programme had approved an $8,000 conference grant to the Alberta Federation of Women United for Families, as she had heard that AFWUF might use the money for “an anti-abortion campaign”; David Crombie replied that the grant was within the guidelines of the Women’s Programme and that it would be “absolutely wrong for me or for any other Minister, not to treat everybody fairly when they come forward with a request for a grant”; Gordon Taylor, in a colourfully-worded statement, chastised Ms. Mitchell for criticizing the “splendid group of women” who form AFWUF; John Oostrom criticized the government for funding the International Women’s Week events in Ottawa which included pro-abortion and lesbian-only workshops and excluded REAL Women and pro-life groups, noting that the AFWUF grant had been reassessed due to Ms. Mitchell’s comments (above).

Child Care – Lucie Pepin and Margaret Mitchell repeatedly called upon the government to immediately implement a system of universal daycare in Canada.