Interim Staff

Editor’s Note: Direct quotes related in this story may offend some readers.

A Concerned Christian Coalition Inc. national fundraising dinner for Rev. Stephen Boissoin was stormed by protesters calling themselves “the Gay Militia.”

Protesters, dressed in camouflage and military apparel to conceal their identity, entered the private dinner, banging drumsticks on the wall and yelling, “Right wing bigots, go away!” during a speech given to invited guests by Rev. Tristan Emmanuel, author of the book Christophobia.

Boissoin, who is currently fighting a case before the Alberta Human Rights Commission for teaching and defending historic Christian doctrine on human sexuality, had heard that the homosexualist outfit EGALE was organizing a protest, but was disturbed, though not surprised, that they were so militant. He said, “When I arrived at the hotel, there were a few dozen protesters, picketing in front of the hotel (and) brandishing signs.”

After the disturbance that interrupted Emmanuel’s address, Boissoin said, “Rev. Emmanuel’s passionate presentation of the current state of Christophobia in Canada was clearly evident tonight.”

Emmanuel, of Southern Ontario, has been touring Canada to speak to church groups about the need for Christians to mobilize and exercise their “divine responsibility” to express their faith and moral world-and-life view in the public-square.

Jim Blake, chief business officer of the Concerned Christian Coalition Inc., referred to the deep contrast. “Our group paused and joined hands in prayer, while the gay militia were screaming ‘F— your Jesus.’ You tell me, who really is the one guilty of hate here?” asked Blake.

The Calgary city police arrived moments after the Gay Militia was cleared out by hotel security. The police seized some of the video footage and are investigating laying charges based on three sections of the Criminal Code: Section 175-1 on causing a disturbance of the peace; 176-2 on disturbing a religious event; and 265-1 on threatening an assault.

“This is the type of thing that only highlights the serious problem Bill C-250 presents,” said Emmanuel. “Human rights commissions and their rulings against Christians have served only to embolden the militant homosexual activists against Christians who want to exercise the same democratic rights they enjoy.”

Emmanuel added, “Canada prides itself in being an open and tolerant country – a country that respects everyone’s right to assemble freely and promote faith, value, and lifestyle. But this isn’t true for Christianity. The Gay Militia, and others like EGALE, clearly aren’t interested in the freedom of others. Their intent is clear. They want to censor and muzzle the Charter rights of Christians.”