On March 26 the House of Commons Justice Committee agreed to refer the issue of “sexual orientation” to a sub-committee to see whether it qualifies as a form of discrimination prohibited in the Charter of Rights.


New Democrat MP Svend Robinson, (Burnaby) introduced a private member’s bill calling for the inclusion of sexual orientation in the Charter. If accepted, homosexuality/lesbianism would have to be treated by everyone as a perfectly normal and acceptable lifestyle. Opposition to it would be classified as “discrimination.” As an example, Robinson referred to a recent dismissal of lesbians from the army. Stated Robinson: “I would urge that this Parliament recognize that that is a grave injustice.”



Tory MP Reg Stackhouse (Scarborough West) said the committee could examine the issue in depth and hear submissions from Canadian groups and individuals. He cautioned that the Commons’ decision to study the issue did not imply approval of homosexuality.