David Bolton
The Interim

In December, The Interim ran a story of a single mother of twin boys who had, through the ministry of Aid to Women, changed her mind about aborting her twins 10 years earlier. Although Amelia and her boys, Jim and Bob, had been doing well since the birth of the twins, recent setbacks meant the family was once again in need of assistance.

Amelia, who is a nurse’s aid at a Newmarket home for the aged, had her hours cut back from full-time to part-time as a cost-cutting measure by the home. In danger of losing her apartment due to inability to pay her rent, Amelia was at her wit’s end. Remembering how much Aid to Women had been able to help her 10 years ago, she contacted Joanne Dieleman to see if anyone could help her.

A family in Amelia’s hometown of Newmarket offered to see if maybe they could be of any help. Contacting Amelia and inviting her to partake of a meal so that they could get to know her, they tentatively started what has become a great friendship. The family let Amelia know that while they could not necessarily be of great financial help, since they were also struggling financially, they could help in various other ways.

Having established a relationship of trust with Amelia, the family invited her and the boys to attend Campaign Life Coalition’s annual Christmas party. Unfortunately, Amelia could not attend but the boys went and had a great time.

Meanwhile, the wife had spoken to people in her social ministry group at her church and the word went out that someone needed assistance to get back on her feet.

Also, people who had read the story in December began to contact The Interim asking if they could help.

One family pooled some funds and bought a number of gifts for both Amelia and the boys, as well as food items and gift certificates. A staff member at The Interim donated some high-quality clothing and other people helped out in their own small ways.

Recently, a pro-life group at another Newmarket church donated a $250 gift certificate to the family. This church is also in the process of having a fundraiser to replace funds that Aid to Women had given Amelia to remove her belongings from a storage facility in which she had placed them while looking for affordable housing.

Amelia has managed to find affordable housing with her rent tied to income. She is also planning on returning to school in order finish the requirements to become a registered nurse (she had to leave school in order to provide for the twins) in order to better herself and provide a better life for her family.

When the Newmarket family first met Amelia, they could see that she was depressed about her situation, but since this great outreach of love from people, many of whom she has never even met, her whole outlook has much improved.

In the spirit of Matthew 6:1 – “But when you do a charitable deed, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing” – The Interim is not naming those who have provided this outpouring of love and charity. However, God knows who you are and you will be rewarded.

Amelia offers many thanks to all who have reached out during this time of need.

Pro-abortion people are fond of saying that pro-lifers just talk women out of having abortions but never help them cope with “unwanted children.” This story, which is not atypical, proves otherwise.

David Bolton is the production manager of The Interim.