Changes to family registry system will allow
recognition of trans-sexuals

Japan, a bastion of traditional values and gender roles, has caved in to the homosexual agenda. On July 10, the country’s House of Representatives voted unanimously to approve a law that allows the changing of the family register to indicate a transsexual’s “new” sex.

The family register, or koseki, is used for identification purposes the way a birth certificate is in North America. It also provides more extensive information, much like a family tree. Normally, one would only be allowed to make changes to the register if a mistake was found. New employers and prospective spouses use family registers to check a person’s identity in the context of their family, which is very important in Japanese culture.

To have a change to his register approved, a person must have been diagnosed by two specialists as having a “gender-identity disorder,” be 20 years old (the age of majority in Japan) or older, be single and have no children, and have already been mutilated by a “sex-change” operation.

This has not proven to be enough for the trans-sexual lobby, though. Already, there is agitation to remove the stipulation that applicants for the form change not have any children. Yoshimi Hashimoto, who underwent the surgery and now lives as a woman with his two children, complains, “When my children marry they will find out in their family register that their mother is stated as a man,” the 36-year-old said. “If you really care about children’s rights, you can see there’ll be a bigger problem if people (with children) cannot change their sex on family registers.” What Hashimoto did not explain was that if the change is allowed in his case, his children will have two mothers listed on their family register, and no father.

In related news, on April 28 of this year, a trans-sexual won a seat in the Setagaya Municipal Assembly in Tokyo. Aya Kamikaya, who was born a man, had asked for and received special permission to run as a woman, despite the fact that his family register identified his true sex.