The Tory caucus in Ottawa is split on the issue of homosexual rights. Justice Minister Kim Cambell wants to fulfill a promise made by John Crosbie when he was Justice Minister six years ago to add “ sexual orientation” to the list of prohibited grounds for discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Act. A number of conservative MPs agree with her.

Others see no need for the extension of special privileges to homosexuals, and contend that if amendments are brought forward they must include a definition of the traditional family to exclude “ gay marriages,” because a family in our society is not two people of the same sex.” Others point that things that are lifestyle related should not be in the Human Rights Act. Sexual orientation is something you choose and can change.

The federal government came close to announcing acceptance of gays and lesbians in the Armed Forces last year ; a revolt by the Tory backbenchers made them think again.

Those who are trying to preserve family values need your support. Write to your MP and tell him or her that you do not want:
•    The recruitment of homosexuals by the Armed Forces;
•    The recognition of so-called homosexual “rights” because they are not :rights” at all;
•    Spousal benefits for homosexual “couples.”

This is an issue on which MPs are clearly divided, so that your expression of opinion may be very important. The homosexual lobby will demonstrate as loudly as it can; drown it in a flood of letters.