There is a new centre for couples in the Toronto area wishing to learn Natural Family Planning (NFP).

The Marguerite Bourgeoys Family Service teaches the Ovulation Method of NFP.  The course is based on the teaching method developed at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.  The Ovulation Method is easy to learn and is proven to be an effective way to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

The ovulation method of NFP is applicable to all couples and women in all stages of reproductive development: regular cycle, long cycle, breast feeding, total weaning, post-pill (within one year), pre-menopause, post-partum (not breast feeding), post-abortion (induced or spontaneous), infertile and pregnant.

An introductory group session, with slide presentation, for couples and single women is followed by a series of individual teaching appointments at the agency office. These sessions, of one to one and a half hours, are scheduled at regular intervals: every two weeks for the first three months, then every third month for a year.

Subsequent follow-ups are recommended, every six to twelve months, as needed.  Regular attendance is essential to enable the couples to develop confidence in the method.

The couple learns that true sexuality is spiritual, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional in its dimensions.  The use of NFP assists the couple in developing a balance to their sexual lives.

Founder of the service and one of the teachers, Sister Marilyn Mangan, is a member of the Congregation of Notre Dame.  Her experience in teaching family life education to the Grades 12 and 13 students at Notre Dame Convent in Toronto led to her interest in NFP and subsequent education at Creighton.  She believes that familiarity with the principles of NFP gives young women an appreciation of their fertility and helps them develop responsibility in their relationships.

Couples who visit Sister Mangan at the Marguerite Bourgeoys Family Service find her a warm and approachable person who cares deeply about her students and the quality of their relationships.

Obviously, Sister Mangan approaches her teaching with due regard to the Catholic teaching on NFP.  She has, however, taught NFP to many non-Catholic couples who appreciate that the spiritual aspect of a relationship is not confined to members of any particular faith.

There is a modest fee for the NFP course; however, no one is refused for lack of ability to pay.  Sister Mangan can be reached at The Marguerite Bourgeoys Family Service, 4 Columbine Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4L 1P3.  The telephone number is (416) 698-3797.