The (Foundation SOS for protection of the Unborn) in Warsaw, Poland carries out both spiritual and material programs to help people to a better understanding of defending life from conception to death. It also prepares young people to be responsible for family life.

Catholic priest Father Ryszard Halwa started the foundation in 1980. He was interviewed by The Interim when he attended the recent Conference on the Alliance of the Hearts of Jesus in Mary held at Our Lady and St. Joseph Church in London, England.

The conference centred on the sanctification of the family and discussed the culture of life and the culture of death.

A few times a month, Fr. Halwa and his team of lay helpers give talks to schools and at radio and television stations.

Prayer and charity help including food and clothing for families in need are strong components of their work.

The movement organizes concerts in halls or in churches and it accepts goodwill offerings. Another source of support are freewill offerings for the magazine My Family. Every Sunday members of the team go to parishes and give talks after Mass to promote the magazine. The monthly publication, which runs to about 50 pages, features interviews and portraits of families, articles on a wide range of topics including health, medicine, prayer, sanctity and natural family planning.

On his work, Father Halwa said: “I feel good about it. I can’t imagine doing another job.” He added that he would be happy if there were not any problems with mothers, but since the problems are here action is needed.

Urban living poses many problems to mothers and children and the movement tries to provide help by meeting basic needs.

The movement is trying to start a house for abused mothers. Present activities include getting donations to buy a site for a shelter that can accommodate up to 400 mothers.

Selecting occupants for the planned shelter is easy as they have in their files names of poor mothers who are victims of abuse.

Assistance to children includes organizing flights for children who need to undergo a medical operation in another area. Trips are also organized for children to the hills.

Team member Barbara Gabrys helps attend to the needs of single mothers. She also phones companies and asks what they can donate to help the mothers.

In making contacts with companies, the team members expressly identify themselves as team members of SOS. Sadly, the assistance promised by some companies is withdrawn when they learn the SOS movement is against abortion.