The REAL Women of Canada, recently formed to preserve and promote traditional family values, is an organization whose time has come.

A permissive, secular society has battered the family structure to shreds. Permanent commitment in marriage is considered impossible, if not naïve. Motherhood, once held sacred, is seen as restricting the full expression of womanhood. And children are not regarded as blessings but economic liabilities.

In the space of a few decades, modern society has ripped the Christian heart out of the home and family.

A group of women, whose numbers are growing very rapidly (Register, March 17), has decided to reverse these secular trends. REAL (Realistic Equal Active for Life)

Women are determined to preserve family values and will press governments to do likewise.

Urgent need

These women want to generate a renewed awareness of the view that permanent marriages are possible, desirable and urgently needed in Canada. This national, non-sectarian organization is not ashamed of the concept that a full-time mother makes a “significant contribution to society.”

To help strengthen the family, REAL is promoting increases in family allowances, mother’s benefits, financial recognition for caring for elderly parents in the home, and adequate pension programs for women.

REAL’s action programs include recommendations to enhance the role of women in the home and in the workforce

While there may be significant agreement among all women’s organizations on some particular issues, REAL women part ways with such pro-abortion groups as National Action Committee and the Status of Women organizations.

“We will speak out on pro-family and pro-life views,” says Grace Petrasek of Toronto, president of REAL Women of Canada. “We make no apologies for our position. How can you be pro-family and not be pro-life?”

Mrs. Petrasek says it was “absolutely necessary” to form another women’s organization because “the Status of Women and the NAC cannot and will not accommodate any women who are pro-life. Part of their policy is abortion on demand.”

A festering, anti-family cancer in Canadian society is the hatred for children. This hatred is so deep that publicly-funded medical staffs are paid to kill unborn children. More than 65,000 unborn babies are destroyed by abortion in Canada annually.

REAL women want to create a loving and caring environment for all children – before as well as after birth.

On the care of children, REAL’s position paper says the ideal situation is “that every family, which so chooses, should be able to look after their children in the home… However, social and economic pressures that confront the family are so great that day care for some families is a necessity. It is extremely important that there are places run by loving, caring, and thoughtful individuals to look after the child, the most cherished member of the family.”

REAL does not support the concept of “universal day care” and the premise that women who stay home to raise their children are not being fulfilled.

“A full-time mother makes a magnificent contribution to society and this must be recognized and acknowledged by society.”

Since REAL women affirm, encourage and support ways of maintaining permanency and commitment in marriage, they have some critical words for the proposed legislation which would make divorce easier.

Legislation attacks family

“The attitude and approach toward lasting marriage, with its crucial values of commitment and permanence, will be severely undermined by this proposed legislation, as it serves to make divorce an easy, attractive alternative to working through the problems in a marriage. This legislation will only serve to further undermine Canadian family life.”

There is nothing new about unhappy marriages, REAL says. But there is a pervading unwillingness to work through the stresses inevitable in every marriage.

Another enemy of family life that REAL women are fighting is pornography. “As a result of its recent and continuing growth, pornography has transformed itself from a distasteful social aberration into a monstrous propaganda machine aimed directly, unwittingly, at the family which holds traditional values.”

“Kiddie porn” also draws REAL fire. “There is not one valid defence for such exploitation of our young people. Here again, elements of the family are under attack. We all have a responsibility to speak up loudly and clearly on this issue and stop this form of child abuse now.”

REAL women believe that prostitution, like pornography, directly pollutes the environment of the family. “It gives needless encouragement by promotion to lust and de-personalization and circumvents and thereby diminishes the dignity and spirituality which is inherent in all mature, loving sexual behaviour.”

Equal opportunity

In the work world, REAL supports the concept that women have equal opportunity in employment and receive equal pay for equal work.

But, REAL women have some reservations about affirmative action programs in which there are female “quotas” to put women into higher positions.

“No woman should be appointed to a position simply on the basis of gender,” REAL says. “To give women this ‘preferential’ treatment on the basis only of their sex, is unfair, and is reverse discrimination against qualified males.”

These are some of the views being promoted by REAL women. On a number of issues they are bound to clash with feminist groups which have erroneously claimed to speak for the women in Canada.

Organizers of REAL Women of Canada are determined and articulate. They are fed up with the attacks on the family. Hopefully, they will stir up the “silent majority” of women who will be silent no more.