Gay Caswell, MLA (PC—Saskatoon Westmount) told the 250 pro-lifers attending the Moose Jaw Right to Life 10th anniversary banquet recently that they are trailblazers, “fighting the most important fight in the world today.”


Pro-lifers are fighting “all those who have declared war on the family – those who would see the institution of the family destroyed,” Mrs. Caswell said. And, she added, it is the unborn who are the first victims in this war.


Mrs. Caswell urged Saskatchewan to lead the pro-family movement, noting that the pro-life groups are composed of grassroots people from all sectors and all denominations.


“When you fight for this you are saying ‘yes’ to life, to your family and to freedom, for there is no freedom of any kind unless you have freedom of life,” said  Mrs. Caswell. She criticized the Charter of Rights as anti-family. The rights of the unborn are not protected at all, she pointed out, and the provision that there should be no discrimination on grounds of age is alarming for those concerned with parental rights.


The Charter could be used to widen the abortion laws, she noted, with the argument that being pregnant is a handicap for women.


Saskatchewan pro-lifers were urged by Mrs. Caswell to become informed on the Charters and become a “most effective lobby group for family rights.”                    DE