Did you see that amazing story several weeks ago about how new Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day refused to join other MPs in standing to applaud as strident homosexual Member of Parliament Svend Robinson was introduced in the House of Commons? He said it had something to do with the New Democrat MP spending his entire parliamentary career advocating values inimical to his own.

What? I have the story wrong? Are you sure? It was the homosexual activist MP who refused to stand up and applaud Stockwell Day when he was introduced in the House of Commons? No way! How could I get my facts all mixed up? Maybe I should check some of the newspapers to see what they said. What? There was barely any coverage in the press?

Of course, if Stockwell Day had been the one dissing Svend Robinson he probably would have been forced into resignation by now. The incident would have become a feeding frenzy for Canada’s anti-Christian mainstream media such that a herd of rabid dogs would have looked like a bunch of darling little puppies in comparison.

Mr. Robinson said the reason he wouldn’t applaud Mr. Day was because “this is a man who is profoundly opposed to equality, this is a man who said AIDS is a sign of depravity for gay people, this is a man who has suggested we cut off funding for women who want abortions … and I’m going to stand up and applaud him? I don’t think so.”

The fact that Mr. Robinson’s actions, based, as he said, on his desire to be faithful to his (im)moral values regarding abortion, euthanasia and sodomy, were not even played up as such by the mainstream media, is interesting. Apparently these fellow travellers to the radical homosexualist lobby realized that this move stank too much of anti-Christian bigotry to be helpful to the cause, or to their own ratings. After all, Mr. Robinson’s attitude of disdain for Mr. Day necessarily reflects the attitude he has towards all Christians who seek to believe and live according to the teachings of Holy Scripture.

This was a perfect illustration of intolerance – the growing practice of raw public intolerance being demonstrated by homosexualists against Christians and others who advocate Judeao-Christian morality. But equally of interest in Svend Robinson’s behaviour towards Mr. Day is how anti-democratic it is. Despite the mythology that exists in the realm of political theory, buttressed as it is by deceptive language, socialism – the ideology of Mr. Robinson’s party – is not democratic. Hitler led a national socialist movement and Stalin an international socialist tyranny. Socialist ideology and an increasingly ruthless homosexualist movement is not an encouraging combination.

If Mr. Robinson was committed to democracy as most everyday people understand the term – primarily in terms of socio-political and economic freedoms and access to political decision-making by the general populace – he would have shown this basic courtesy to Mr. Day, then later gone up to him and said: “Finally we have someone in Parliament whose values are antithetical to mine and who has the boldness to declare and defend those values publicly. Now, in the Parliament of Canada, we can have the first open and candid battle in recent generations over these values. May the man who can demonstrate the greatest amount of support for his values from the Canadian public win!”

That is not what Mr. Robinson did. Instead, he demonstrated an attitude consistent with that of the most vocal homosexual radicals in our society today and, at the same time, an attitude consistent with his allegiance to socialism.

Mr. Robinson isn’t interested in the democratic process. What he wants to do, it seems, is gain sufficient political power to impose his views, beliefs he shares with a minority of “religious” extremists in this country, onto the entire Canadian population.

That’s a theocratic vision, if I’ve ever seen one!