If we would ask “Who is the most important person in your life?” what would your response be? In today’s culture many would answer without hesitation, “myself.” In that scenario what would that person’s greatest desire be? What they want to do and have will be uppermost in their mind.

A worship disorder has been created which satisfies the self. If the idol we serve is self it enslaves, dehumanizes, and destroys us. When this condition exists with a dating couple it cab lead to immoral choices. When a pregnancy occurs and there is no respect for God and His law, panic will in many cases lead the couple to resort to abortion an answer to their dilemma. Where there is no sense of responsibility the problem is solved with the death of the innocent. Self comes first.

Abstinence has a different mindset. Thankfully many young people have made it their resolve that “true love waits” until marriage. This is where a dating couple submits to God’s law of love both for the Lord and for each other. In abstaining from sexual activity before marriage there is real freedom with no sense of guilt or shame.

Blessings will be on those who choose the high road of obedience. As parents and pro-lifers we must support and encourage them in their resolve.

In our society today there are no borders for morality. We should raise the bar and do what is right. Human life must always be treated with dignity and respect as God would have it. Our Creator of life said, “You shall not murder.” Those who choose to abort will experience much stress. Our society lies to them. We need to continue to educate and counsel that abortion is not the way out or an option, that there are alternatives. Let God’s word be our guide and principle.

Jacob Zekveld is a member of Grassroots Christian Impact in Lambton County, Ontario.