The program described below is slated as an optional, one-day a year, instruction.  Minor as this may seem, it is one day too many.

The gay drive for acceptance proceeds relentlessly, as is only to be expected.  When society tolerates as legitimate a lifestyle such as sodomy, which is contrary to the law of nature and God’s law – that lifestyle will first seek “equality,” and then demand top billing, denouncing all opposition as illegal.

The Toronto Board of Education, together with other boards elsewhere, has seen fit to ban from its curriculum first the Lord’s Prayer and then the teaching of religion.

But nature will not tolerate a vacuum.  If Christian values are set aside, somebody else’s values will be introduced.  The Toronto Board’s proposal to promote the sodomite lifestyle is one aspect of those new “values.”


What you should know about the new “sexual orientation: homosexuality, lesbianism and homophobia,” a resource Guide for Teachers of Health Education in Secondary Schools, Toronto Board of Education, February 1992.


This curriculum is political indoctrination into gay activism.  It is sound neither medically nor intellectually.  It belongs in a politics course as an example of propaganda, not in a health class masquerading as scientific fact.

The attitude that comes across is, “If you think you’re gay you probably are and even if you want to change you can’t.”  My comment: true, nobody can be coerced into counseling of any kind, but if someone is motivated to change, he should have that opportunity.

The adolescent phase of homosexuality that some young people pass through is not discussed.  Instead we have pages and pages on “coming out” as gay.  Students are to imagine it and enact it.  Yet one gay group in New York, the Hetrick-Martin Institute for the Protection of Gay and Lesbian Youth, does not recommend young people “come out” before they finish school and are established at work.

A good curriculum should clearly indicate to the student passing through puberty that some attraction to the same sex in the form of “crushes” and infatuations is normal for early adolescence and should not be confused with adult homosexuality.

But therapy is mocked and ridiculed throughout.  Only behavioral/aversion therapy, which doesn’t work, is mentioned.  But the talking therapies, such as psychotherapy, which do work, are not mentioned.  There is no discussion of their real success rate (some as high as 80 per cent).

Effective therapy

Dr. Reuben Fine writes that “It is paradoxical that even though the politically-active homosexual group denies the possibility of change, all studies from Schrenk-Noltzing on have found positive effects…This misinformation, spread by certain circles, that ‘homosexuality is untreatable by psychotherapy,’ does incalculable harm to thousands of men and women.”  This curriculum continues the harm on vulnerable youth.

As Dr. Elizabeth Moberly, an expert on homosexual counseling, says, “Sometimes I hear gay activists say that not only do they not want to change but no homosexual is entitled to change.  That’s very disrespectful of the many thousands of homosexuals who are already motivated to change.  It is important for all homosexuals to know that change is possible so that if they want to change they can experience it.”

Our students should know this, but they won’t learn it from this curriculum.

Dr. Moberly told Christian Week, “As I see it, the male homosexual is a little boy looking for his father’s love, and the lesbian is like a little girl looking for her mother’s love.  It’s a normal and universal need, but they were never intended to be met sexually.”

Toronto curriculum

The writing team of the Toronto resource book didn’t follow the expert medical advice of its own advisory committee.  This includes Dr. Joseph Berger, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, of the University of Toronto.  Dr. Berger is diametrically opposed to referring people to gay support groups:

”I have never come across anyone with ‘innate homosexuality’…What concerns me as a physician…is that confused and troubled people, [some of them] young victims of prolonged and repeated sexual interference, are not guided toward having professional help to sort our their confusion but instead are directed toward ‘support groups’…at the cost of not coming to grips with their sexual confusion.” (Globe and Mail, February 26, 1992)

The Toronto Board of Education can refer our children, who are minors, without parental knowledge or consent, to organizations that openly promote homosexuality, even sadomasochism.  Included in this curriculum is Toronto’s Gay and Lesbian Directory, listing 88 organizations including Trident International which is “dedicated to providing sage sadomasochistic sexual practices, education and liberation upon request.”

No ex-gay groups are listed, groups that support and counsel those who want out of the gay world, organizations such as Exodus International, New Directors for Life and Courage.


Kinsey’s erroneous 10 per cent statistic is taught but Kinsey included ream states and transient adolescent experiences.

(Editor’s note: Kinsey was himself a homosexual.  He falsified his data by taking his research samples from people at bars and meeting places where homosexuals were prominent.)

The number of men who have sex with other men in adult life is less than half that percentage.  The number of lesbians is even lower, on-third to one-half.

Canada Youth and AIDS Study (1988) quotes a study by S. Fourney (1988) in which 386 university students, only 1 per cent claimed to be homosexual and 4 per cent bisexual.  In another larger study with over three-and-a-half thousand German college students, Giese cites 3 per cent homosexual and 1 per cent lesbian in their adult life.

Some of the young people who are confused about their sexuality have suffered sexual seduction and trauma.  One San Francisco counselor, Darlene Bogle, says, “At least 85 per cent of the lesbians I talk with have been victims of abuse.”  But the Toronto curriculum discourages such traumatized youth from seeking professional medical help and instead offers them only more homosexual contacts in gay and lesbian groups.


The reason suicide rates are so high among gay youth (some estimate 30 per cent of all teen suicides) is partly because many feel so used from their earliest sexual encounters.  This curriculum will continue to victimize them.

No parent was allowed to sit on the committee that oversaw the creation of this curriculum and the confidential sexual counseling service.  At the same time a representative from the Gay and Lesbian Counseling Centre of Toronto was allowed on the committee.