On May 14, 1969, the Parliament of Canada voted on and passed the “Omnibus Bill” encompassing over one hundred reforms to the Criminal Code.  Clause 18 of this Bill legalized abortion in cases where the mother’s life or health might be in danger and set out provisions for Therapeutic Abortion Committees.  Since then the numbers of abortions in Canada have risen steadily to more than 65,000 per year.

Time has shown that the decision taken on that May 14 pleased few.  The pro-life movement in Canada had grown from an initial lobby against Clause 18 of the infamous “Omnibus Bill” into the education, political and service groups that exist today in opposition to abortion.

Those in the middle of these opposing viewpoints are often confused and misinformed regarding the practice of abortion, and many say that the current law is good because they believe it only allows abortions when the mother would die if the pregnancy were continued.

Alliance for Life

Others believe that there is a gestational time limit determining when abortions can be performed, while still others are not aware that abortion clinics such as those in Quebec, or those operated by Morgentaler are illegal.  Clause 18 was a classic case of trying to please everyone, and it succeeded in pleasing no one.

On Wednesday, May 14, 1986, a protest will be held in front of each hospital in Canada that performs abortions.  Alliance for Life has organized this protest on the actual anniversary date of the vote on the “Omnibus Bill” to focus on the hundreds of Canadian hospitals that perform “legal” abortions.  The current wording of Section 251 of the Criminal Code that was passed on May 14, 1969 has allowed hospital Therapeutic Abortion Committees across the country to rubber-stamp abortion applications using the word “health” as licence to kill.  Through this protest it is hoped that the general public will have a greater awareness of what Canada’s abortion law actually says, and how it is being abused.

As pro-lifers we are opposed to all abortions, whether in hospitals or in clinics.  Many people are unaware that their local hospital performs abortions.  This protest will focus on those hospitals that together have performed nearly one million abortions since May 1969.

Please contact your local pro-life group and volunteer to attend the protest in your area.  Many people will be needed to ensure that each hospital in the country is covered.  Let us all bear witness to the past seventeen years of “legalized” killing.