The 15-member House of Commons Committee which will study Bill C-43 for up to two months beginning on January 30 is dominated by pro-abortionists.

The Conservative members were hand-picked from among those who support the C-43 idea.  Of the four Liberals, three are pro-abortion and of the NDP two out of two.  Although it is unlikely that anything resembling pro-life views will get through, the process of amendment still presents dangers to the pro-life movement.

David Kilgour

Some pro-life MPs, full of good will towards the defence of the unborn, nevertheless remain extremely naïve.  According to Western Report (Dec. 11, 1989), for example, Tory David Kilgour (Edmonton-Southeast), suggests prohibiting abortions unless the mother’s health is seriously threatened, or failing that, requiring two medical opinions to authorize an abortion.

Pro-life people from coast to coast, in many articles and reports, including dozens in The Interim, have pointed out repeatedly that the kind of amendment will prove toothless.  There is no medical definition for a “serious threat to health” with the consequence that abortionists can neither be expected nor obliged to refuse any requests for abortion under this title.

Such an amendment will not inhibit a single abortion, nor will the second suggestion of having two medical opinions.  The 1969 law required a committee of three doctors and as physicians have testified individually or before courts, they were never more than rubber stamp committees.

This kind of proposed amendment is only a quibbling about legal points.  Politicians may pat themselves on the back or expect gratitude from pro-life voters but in the meantime, the abortionists will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Conscience clause

Of a similar nature is an amendment to add a conscience clause for health personnel opposed to committing abortions.  Such a clause is a good thing in itself.  It is worthwhile pursuing it.  It should be there.  But its acceptance by the Committee and eventually by the Commons in no way redeems Bill C-43.  Such a clause will enable health workers to opt out of being involved in the grisly killing business, but at the same time it won’t save a single baby.  The killing will be done by others, it’s that simple.

Meanwhile nurses for lift have been told by Justice Minister Lewis that conscience clauses belong in provincial legislation, since health care is a provincial matter.