LifeSite Daily NewsThe request by the Coalition for Life and Health to intervene in the case of Morgentaler vs. New Brunswick has been denied by Mr. Justice David Russell in his ruling of April 2.

The Coalition was formed in response to the launching of a lawsuit by abortionist Morgentaler against the province of New Brunswick because of its refusal to subsidize his private abortion clinics with provincial tax dollars.

Coalition members include the national pro-life organizations Campaign Life Coalition and Life Canada as well as New Brunswick Right to Life, The Roman Catholic Diocese of Saint John, Focus on the family Canada, Christian Legal Fellowship, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, The Catholic Civil Rights League, REAL Women of Canada, Canadian Physicians for Life, The Christian Medical and Dental Association of Canada, Mother and Child Welcome House, The Catholic Women’s League of Canada (New Brunswick), The Canada Family Action Coalition, The Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches and the New Brunswick State Council of the Knights of Columbus.

Coalition Coordinator Peter Ryan reported, “Judge Russell said that the Coalition did not demonstrate that its members had a direct interest in the case, or that they could help the Court resolve the issues”. Russell also stated, “The intervenor’s focus is on the morality of abortion … On the other hand, this action is about the spending of taxpayers’ money.” The judge added, “the Province, in a sense the trustee of public money, is able to represent the public interest.”

“The central issue here”, said Russell, “is whether the Charter of Rights and Freedoms imposes an obligation on the Province to provide funding for abortions performed at the plaintiff’s clinic”. “Any intervention by the applicant would not be of assistance to the Court in determining that question,” he concluded.

Ryan reports that the judge would not even allow the Coalition to present arguments as a friend of the court and “suggested the Coalition was merely a partisan group and as such should not be heard”.