Gallic wit and charm abound in this remarkable 24-minute video which touches on so many facets of the pro-life movement.  In A Visit With Dr. Jerome Lejeune, famed French geneticist Dr. Jerome Lejeune is at his incisive best as he charitably and amusingly demolishes anti-life myths.

Lejeune recently brought his message of hope and humour to this side of the Atlantic.  His speeches were captured on video and made available through the Life Ethics Educational Association.

His work as a geneticist speaks for itself.  He discovered the extra chromosome which causes Down Syndrome for which he received the initial Kennedy award, presented by John F. Kennedy for outstanding work with children.  He is a member of the Pontifical Academy of Science, the Royal Academy of Medicine in London and the Royal society of Science in Stockholm.

At a time when the world ignores the fact that 30 million unborn babies have been killed in the U.S. alone since the Roe v. Wade ruling, Dr. Lejeune eloquently pleads for the survival of the unborn.  He states: “Which was once presented as murder – which abortion is – is now liberation of a woman.”  If half the people killed by abortion are women, Lejeune wants to know why they are forgotten by the women’s rights movement.

“If you want to prevent a war,” Lejeune quotes Mother Teresa, “first stop the war against your own children.  If you introduce poison (abortion pill RU-486) – to poison your own children with the benediction of the state and law, how can you prevent people poisoning their own enemies?”

Tongue in cheek, he tells about a law that was passed recently in England saying that you were not a human being until after 14 days of life.  By some “magical trick,” he said, after 14 days you became a human being!  He went on to say that, using this logic, everyone in England was born an animal and they have no right to be passing laws in the first place.  Teasing us, he says, “I cannot accept that the Queen of England was conceived as an animal.”

“The good news,” Lejeune announces, “is that the law is wrong and the Queen of England was not born an animal.”  He includes a funny story about a baby kangaroo and one about Tom Thumb that viewers can use to illustrate the fallacies of the anti-life position.

A wise but humble man shines through the entire video.  He ends on a poignant note, recalling Jesus’ words: “What you have done to the smallest of mine – you have done to me.”