“Dying with dignity means allowing a person to die, not making the person die. It also means recognizing when the use of burdensome or disproportionate treatment is not required because dying is part of the human condition.”…. Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops President, Jean-Guy Hamelin of Noranda, Quebec, in an open letter to Jean Chrétien, regarding euthanasia legislation.


“The older I get, the worse they treat me. Doctors just think older people are people with lots of complaints.”…72-year-old Lenke Szthmary citing the general lack of respect which seniors receive from many in the medical profession. (Toronto Star, March 12, 1994)


“All human life is sacred. The state has no right to terminate any human life. We must surely recognize the sanctity and value of all human life in our society.”…Svend Robinson, who is leading the Parliamentary push for legal euthanasia, arguing against capital punishment in 1987. (Ottawa Sun, March 21, 1994)


“To distinguish between murder and mercy killing would be to cross the line which prohibits any intentional killing, a line which we think it essential to preserve.”…England’s all-party House of Lords committee report which recommended that the law against euthanasia not be changed. (Daily Telegraph, Feb. 17, 1994)