Reform needed

“Our system is literally crumbling around the minister’s ears and her reaction to that: plain packaging for cigarettes.  She’s lost her marbles.” Reform MP Grant Hill criticizing Federal Health Minister Dianne Marleau.  (Globe and Mail, April 27, 1994)

In some cases

“I personally am a very strong supporter of free speech.” Ontario Premier Bob Rae whose government is presently trying to quash by injunction most pro-life picketing in Ontario.  (Toronto Sun, April 20, 1994)

Urgent appeal

“This is not an appeal for prudery: it is an appeal for prudence.  Prudence implies some skill, which can be taught, at exercising judgment, at making distinctions.  None of this (drugs, high-school sex, AIDS, rape) will go away until more people in positions of responsibility are willing to come forward and explain, in frankly moral terms, that some of the things that people do nowadays are wrong.” (Wall Street Journal, Dec. 12, 1992)

New hope

“Some say this convention would be the last one, but I say, it’s the first of a new wind.”

Newly elected Christian Heritage Party leader Jean Blaquiere on the CHP’s future.  (Christian Renewal, April 25, 1994)