“It was  really uncomfortable being there.  I think many of my colleagues are unprofessional.” Ontario New Democrat MPP George Mammoliti, observing the treatment he has received from some fellow party members since voting against the NDP’s attempt to legislate same-sex benefits, Bill 167.  (Toronto Star, July 6, 1994)

Murphy’s law

“In real life Dan Quayle was raising some important issues about the state of the American family…I firmly believe that fathers are indispensable.” Candice Bergen, speaking at the University of Toronto, retracting remarks she had made two years ago, mocking Quayle’s “family values.”  The ex-vice president had suggested that her show, Murphy Brown, presented single-motherhood in an all-too-ideal manner.  (Toronto Star, June 14, 1994)

Watching helplessly

“Those poor young women…I don’t hate them, but to kill a little baby.” Comments made by Margaret Green, after watching five women go in for abortions at Henry Morgentaler’s clinic in Fredericton, New Brunswick.  (Toronto Star, June 30, 1994)

I don’t know

[Hobbs Birnie]  “If you were surrounded by love, by a family that hugged and kissed you and brought hot soup, and a husband who held you precious, brought you flowers, rubbed your back…would you now be doing this?”

[Rodriguez]  “I don’t know, I don’t know, I…don’t…know.”

Conversation between Lisa Hobbs Birnie and Sue Rodriguez, before Rodriguez’s assisted-suicide.  (Uncommon Wills The Death and Life of Sue Rodriguez, Lisa Hobbes Birnie, Macmillan, 1994)