The pro-life movement lost a dedicated and determined friend.

Dr. J. Reginald Bannister died suddenly on July 2, 1989. He was 65.

“He’s been a real forefront in the abortion issue for 15 years,” said Stan Bolger, a Cambridge Right to Life member. “Someone like him is irreplaceable. He’s going to be really missed.”

Anneliese Steden, past president of Cambridge Right to Life, said friends of Dr. Bannister are in “great shock” over his death. “I don’t know how we’re going to live without him.”

He will be missed as a friend and as a driving force behind the local pro-life organization, she said. Dr. Bannister has “given the last 20 years of his life in a very dedicated way.”

Dr. Bannister was a founding member of Canadian Physicians for Life, an organization of doctors who are pro-life and oppose the abortion stand of the Canadian Medical Association.

Dr. Bannister was born in Dublin, Ireland and came to Canada in 1967 from England. He settled in Mississauga and later moved to Cambridge. He was a member of St. Clements’ Church.