During the early part of an evening just two days before Christmas, a message was painted on the door of the Morgentaler abortuary by Anthony Canhoto, a long-time protestor of the abortion clinic.

Tony had designed a mono print from a piece of foam rubber that said “murderer” and depicted a hand on either side of the word.  He dipped this form into some red paint and pushed it against the glass of the front door of the abortuary.  It was, to say the least, an eye-catching (if macabre) decoration to a building that, unlike its neighbours, carried no seasonal greetings.

Tony was stopped on the sidewalk by a policeman as he was putting the sponge back into a plastic garbage bag and charged with mischief.  The sign remained on the door throughout the Christmas season (for at least 12 days).

On January 6, Mr. Canhoto made his first court appearance on this charge and on January 13, he pleaded guilty to 40 dollars worth of damage.  In his defence, his lawyer Paul Dodd’s told the court that Mr. Canhoto had written numerous letters to the authorities regarding the illegal abortuary and that what he did was obviously the work of a frustrated man.

The judge agreed and gave Mr. Canhoto an absolute discharge.