Randy Terry has been sentenced for two years in jail for his role in the 1988 Atlanta, Georgia rescues.

Operation Rescue’s director, Randall Terry was sentenced October 5 for trespassing and illegal assembly by Fulton County, Ga. Judge John Bruner in Atlanta.  Judge Bruner offered Terry a suspended sentence if we would pay a $1,000 fine and accept banishment from the Atlanta area for two years.  He refused the conditions, and has begun serving his time.

Atlanta was a great turning point for the rescue movement.  Hundreds went to jail and many spent long periods in jail as “Baby Jane or John Does.”  As a result thousands of pro-lifers were inspired to join as they saw how brutally the police treated prayerful, non violent rescuers.  Now, Terry says, Atlanta becomes another turning point.

This decision is costing Terry his freedom and separates him from his wife and children.  The Interim has recently learned that the social services department in Binghamton N.Y. is taking steps to seize Randall Terry’s children.  He and his wife have adopted several children.

London, England.

The (international) Rescue Outreach team along with some pro-life Londoners occupied a London abortuary October 21.  They put the abortion equipment out of commission for the day before sitting on the floor to pray.  The police arrived and informed them they will allow them to leave but if they remain they will be arrested for burglary.  Having accomplished their task of shutting down the clinic for the day, the rescuers decided to leave.


On October 27, 120 rescuers and supporters gathered to rescue babies and their mothers entering the Scott abortuary.  Sidewalk counselors confirmed that at least 2 mothers were turned away from the killing center, one of whom received extensive counseling.

It is not known how many others saw the brave group assembled on the steps.  Typically, one mother in five leaves the area, and does not return (According to the abortionists’ own statistics).

Fifty-two rescuers were arrested.  Fifty-one were later released the same day without charges, including some who were on probation for earlier rescues at the Morgentaler abortuary.

David MacDonald, wanted for an unpaid three-year-old trespassing fine for sidewalk counseling at Morgentaler’s, was jailed for 16 days for refusing to pay his fine.  David spent 11 days in the Don and Mimico jails and was released November 6.

Four rescuers, chained together on the steps, delayed the opening of the killing center even further, risking (but not receiving) special charges.  Metro Police damaged their bolt cutters in the process of trying to cut the extremely hard chain.

Waterburg, Vermont.

A rescue held on October 23 here included two Canadians, William de Marois and Peter Hendrick.  Both de Marois and Hendrick have participated in other Canadian and American rescues.  Subsequently both were sentenced to 90 days in jail for contempt of court for going limp in the courtroom.

Among the American rescuers was Father Norman Weslin, the leader of a group of Victim Souls, who suffer willingly and joyfully as Jesus gives them the strength to identify themselves totally with the aborted unborn whom they consider as their baby brothers and sisters.

Leiden, Holland.

On November 9 seven people blocked the entrance to the Centre for human reproduction, at Kort Rapenburg.  The seven rescuers included Barrie and Connie Norman (Canada), Matt Rawson (Australia), Mike Clarke (England), and three Dutch.  The rescuers began their blockade (which involved sitting in the doorway with linked arms) at approximately 8:00 am and left mid-afternoon when satisfied there were no more admissions due.

Each time a woman seeking an abortion approached the clinic the police pulled the rescuers away from the door.  The rescuers remained completely peaceful at all times.  There were not arrests.  Mrs. Yvonne Kremer, the Dutch rescue leader who was one of the blockaders, said “we have come to stand here and behave passively as the unborn child; we let ourselves be pulled apart in the same manner.  Each time this happens we think of the children.”

After counseling from the rescuers two pregnant women, one French, the other Dutch, turned away and did not proceed with their planned abortion.

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