In contrast to the new direction of Ontario’s Family Coalition Party, the Prince Edward Island Family Party is clear about its pro-life policies. It states 14 pro-life and pro-family policies that can be enacted at the provincial level, and does not flinch from using the word abortion.

The PEI Family Party states unequivicoally that he would urge “the federal government to restore full legal protection to all human beings.” Within the realm of provincial policy it supports: “health care coverage for children in the womb”; adoption tax credits; abstinence education; informed consent for women seeking abortion including requiring them to view a sonogram of (the) baby; a 48-hour “cooling period” after requesting an abortion; parental consent for minors seeking abortions; “mandatory reporting of complications … deriving from abortion”; conscience protection for health care workers; defunding of “injurious elective procedures” including abortion, euthanasia, and sex-change operations; the restoration of “freedom of speech for pro-life groups and individuals.” It also opposes euthanasia.

This is an agenda all candidates and parties should run on and what every pro-life Canadian must demand from those seeking our provincial votes. If only all parties and candidates stood on such solid principles and policies.