WASHINGTON — Douglas R. Scott, president of Life Decisions International, Jan. 9 called the significant increase in Planned Parenthood’s abortion business “scandalous” and said the organization’s leaders have “created a lucrative climate for abortion.”

The 1996-1997 Planned Parenthood Federation of America Annual Report notes that the organization’s personnel committed 153,367 abortions during the last reporting period, compared to 139,899 in the previous period.

PPFA affiliates referred a scant 6,274 women for adoption services in 1996.

“The last thing on earth that Planned Parenthood wants to do is decrease its abortion business,” Scott charged. “In fact, Planned Parenthood apparently seeks to increase its market share, and they are seeing great success, despite the decrease in abortions nationwide.”

Scott also criticized Planned Parenthood’s push of “emergency contraception” to teens and young adults. “These are chemical abortions,” Scott said. “They are not designed to work pre-fertilization, but post-fertilization. Planned Parenthood is in the business of making sure babies are not born — that people view children as burdens. (PP) are quite good at it.”

The Annual Report notes a slight decrease in the number of males and females receiving birth control from Planned Parenthood, but a separate line reports “Emergency Contraception,” which saw a nearly 64 per cent increase from the 1995-1996 report. Female sterilizations were also down, but virtually every other category of customers showed a dramatic increase.

The Report states that PPFA’s budget has increased from $504 million in 1995-1996 to nearly $531 million in 1996-1997. PPFA generated $30.6 million more than it spent in the current reporting period. Its research arm, the Alan Guttmacher Institute, touted as an “independent” organization, received $5.3 million from PPFA.

While PPFA reported great “profits” and influence, LDI reports that early in the new year, the number of corporations agreeing to end funding of the abortion-committing organization grew to 52.

“We have seen great success in convincing corporations throughout the world that supporting Planned Parenthood is not in their best interest,” Scott said. “This is not a Jesse Jackson ‘boycott-until-it-stops-making-headlines’ effort. We mean business and are committed to this effort for as long as it takes.

PlannedParenthood seeks more and more government money when it has more money than it can even spend,” Scott said.

“It has an enormous reserve bank account, but the elitists of the world believe they can never be too rich. Planned Parenthood continues to be a Goliath in a world of deadly menaces.”

— LifeSite News Service