WASHINTON –The president of Life Decisions International (LDI), a Planned Parenthood watchdog group, has criticized a December advertisement by PP’s Minnesota/ South Dakota affiliate, which denigrates giving birth.

Douglas Scott, president of LDI, said the Planned Parenthood ad “says it all with regard to the organization’s attitude toward childbirth.”

The ad reads as follows:

“Babies are loud, smelly, and expensive. Unless you want one. We exist to make sure babies are both planned and wanted. To discuss birth control or plan a pregnancy, call us today.”

-Planned Parenthood of Minnesota/ South Dakota.

“Planned Parenthood’s attitude is apparently one that is anti-child and anti-birth in particular,” Scott said. “Babies can be ‘loud, smelly and expensive,’ even if you want them,” Scott said, “but babies are also are also beautiful, loving, cuddly and innocent.”

According to Scott, “this ad reflects an appalling attitude. Children are the most wonderful people on earth. Planned Parenthood’s leaders should re-examine their attitude.”

Scott, a former middle and high school teacher, suggests that it is the Planned Parenthood philosophy that has led to what he calls the “devaluation of children in (North) American society.

“Planned Parenthood creates an excuse for people to look at children like an unwelcome burden rather than as a gift from our Creator. So long as this is the case, children will be seen as intruders who make us change our almighty plans. Maybe we need to learn from children as much as they need to learn from us,” he said.

“Maybe we need to understand what love and innocence are all about. Maybe we need to understand what acceptance and inclusion mean. No one is more capable of teachings us these qualities than a baby.”

Life Decisions International is dedicated to challenging Planned Parenthood’s influence throughout North America and the world.

Its central project is a boycott of corporations that fund Planned Parenthood which, to date, has succeeded in convincing 42 corporations to stop funding the organization.

The group tailors much of its research for Canadian audiences.

In addition, LDI engages in educational efforts regarding all life issues, including abortion, euthanasia and the true nature of Planned Parenthood.

-Courtesy Pro-Life Canada E-News