Raucous jeering failed to disturb murmured prayer in front of Scott’s abortuary in Toronto, June 16, where about 175 pro-life supporters publicly recited the rosary.

A statue of the Virgin Mary, carried on the shoulders of four men, led the group on its 20-minute march from St. Michael’s Cathedral to the Allan Gardens, across from the ‘clinic.’

They faced the abortuary and some 70 pro-abortionists, homosexuals and lesbians across the street shouting anti-life, anti-Church rhymes and slogans. The pro-lifers quietly went about their prayer vigil, then returned to the Cathedral for noon Mass. Police facilitated the march and kept order.

This was the second time pro-lifers rallied for prayer outside the Scott abortuary. Two hundred participated in the prayer rally on Mary 24.

Picketers save baby

One week earlier, on June 9, the same abortuary was the scene of an unusual rescue.

Robert Scott’s wife, the abortuary’s office manager, had taken a pro-life picket sign inside. It had been leaning against the wall of the abortuary. Pro-lifers asked her several times to return the sign, but the only response was a finer in the air.

Then an Iranian couple entered the abortuary. While inside, they saw the “stop abortion” sign and changed their minds right then and there. They walked out and asked for help from the pro-lifers in front of the abortuary.