Morgentaler’s request for an injunction against Operation Rescues at his abortuary in Toronto was introduced in April of this year.  The abortionist’s lawyer, Clayton Ruby, surrounded it with a deliberately conceived web of suggested violence fitting the charge against the pro-lifers.

Clayton Ruby, a director of CARAL (Canadian Abortion Rights Action League), is like Morris Manning, Morgentaler’s Toronto constitutional counselor, an ardent supporter of the battle for “enlightenment” against ignorance, religious morality and superstition.”  Ignorant people, of course, are violent.  Thus, even in the first submission to the judge Ruby suggested various measures such as a possible need for searching all incoming spectators.  Failing that, he requested the judge to ask for extra constables in the courtroom.  One never knows with these violent people.

Accusations of Violence

No matter how peaceful pro-lifers may be or how careful they develop their strategy of non-violent, passive resistance, everything they do is declared to be violent.  Regarding a similar injunction in Vancouver, one Supreme Court justice in British Columbia recently declared that through their prayers and hymn singing, pro-lifers created a “mental barricade,” and therefore were using violent means.

As several eyewitness reports in this paper have stated, the really violent people – aside even from those committing the killing inside the abortuaries – are the Morgentaler supporters who have subjected those participating in Operation Rescue to appalling abuse, especially verbal, using language unfit to be printed and not even used in dockyards.

To illustrate for our readers the deliberate campaign of abuse heaped on the pro-life movement, the following is only a selection of statements which have appeared in the press during the last few months, either in news reports or in the columns of regular columnists, some of whom are syndicated.  The latter reach across Canada.

October 2, 1988 – Let us begin with Mother Teresa.  “Mother Teresa?” you may say, “What does she have to do with pro-life?”  Well, remember she spoke on Parliament Hill on September 17 last year.  There she repeated what she had said a few months earlier in Vancouver, with the same astonishing result.  In both places she had called for a complete ban on abortions, and the jailing of the abortionists, and even suggested prison terms for women who have abortions.  In both places, the woman who had been described as a world-renowned “living saint,” or as one B.C. columnist put it, as “our conscience which is coming to visit us,” found herself denounced by some of the very same people who had hailed her visit a few days earlier.

Let us just recall one example from among the dozen or so attacks by columnists or editorial writers.  On October 2, 1988, syndicated columnist Tom Harpur, the Toronto expert on religion, denounced her “mindless, cruel remarks.”

“One cannot,” he stated, “excuse saintly stupidity, callousness, or ignorance.” (Toronto Star, et al.)

In the fall of 1988 Operation Rescues (hereafter referred to as Op-R) made their appearance in Canada.  By January 1989, those who affirm a woman’s right to kill her unborn baby already had enough.  Pro-lifers who just talk is one thing.  But pro-lifers who are prepared to physically halt the killing of preborn babies is something else.

January 13, 1989Linda Torney, President, Labour Council of Metropolitan Toronto, accused those participating in Op-R as representing “the kind of bigotry that created Hitler’s Germany,…  the Spanish Inquisition,…  and the burning of witches at Salem…”  (Toronto Star, January 15, 1989)

January 18, 1989Laura Sabia, who claims to be a Catholic, was at her mildest in commenting on the Toronto Op-R.  This time, after first falsifying the history of the Church’s teaching on abortion, she did not let loose with a torrent of abuse as in previous columns, but only lamented:

“Must we suffer forever the clash between the dignity of the individual conscience versus papal authority?” (Toronto Sun)

January 20, 1989Syndicated columnist Gerald Caplan, who has called pro-lifers all sorts of names in the past, first observed that the “anti-choice” protesters were perfectly sincere in their convictions.  Some, even, he acknowledged, “are generally humane in their view of society…”  After thus asserting the fanaticism of most of them, he went on to convict them of the following:

“As it was clear last week in front of the Morgentaler clinic, most of the anti-choice activists were fanatics, moral absolutists determined to force their views on society at large.  Most seemed intent on shoving their particular version of Christianity – full of hate and blood – down the throats of all.”

“Many share the authoritarian philosophy of ultra-right wing American Christian fundamentalists.”

Many of them care far more passionately for the unborn than the born…”

“Few are concerned with the civil liberties that are at the core of a pluralist democracy.”

“…being law-abiding citizens is a low priority for these people.”

March 11, 1989In Calgary, too, an Op-R had taken place (on February 28).  Calgary Herald columnist Charles Franken titled his March 11 column, “Anti-abortionists looking for limelight.”  He told his readers, “Enough is enough.  It’s time to draw the line.  Let’s stop coddling these people and treat them like outcasts and criminals that they are.”

On the same day, Frank’s fellow Calgary Herald columnist Scott Saville put it all in the title of his column, “Put the pro-life hooligans in jail!”  “These purveyors of grotesque anachronisms,” he stated, “have no special status and law enforcement officials and the courts should stop pandering to them….”

By this time the courts in Vancouver were handing out prison sentences to people accused of threatening anarchy” because they se the law of God above and against the pseudo-legality of the so-called woman’s right to kill, a right which has no foundation or justification in reason.  Revelation or history.


Then there is always Morgentaler himself.  In the past he has verbally abused anyone who has opposed him over a period of 20 years, but he reserves his demon especially for pro-lifers.

January 23Addressing several hundred supporters at an evening rally in Toronto with much respect to Op-R, he pointed out that:

“They are a very dangerous group…These are totalitarians who we have to fight….” (Toronto Globe)

January 28“I see this as religious fanaticism. A minority of vociferous religious zealots who want to impose their brand of morality and religion on everyone else.  I view it as a dangerous, quasi-fascist movement we have to oppose….”  (Toronto Star)

February 26Speaking in Winnipeg, Morgentaler declared, “The majority of Canadians who oppose abortion are not militants, the hoodlums and the vociferous fanatics in front of the clinics, insulting women going in there or threatening bombs…”

“We are fighting a wave of fanaticism, like Ayatollah Khomeini, who just issued an execution order against a person who wrote a novel.”  (Winnipeg papers)

March 10, 1989Back in Toronto, speaking to his supporters at his abortuary after the announcement that the Supreme Court in Ottawa had refused to hear the Borowski case, Morgentaler allowed that Borowski was at least an honest fanatic.” As for the pro-life movement, he called it morally bankrupt.” Tar)

Nothing, however, is ever enough for Morgentaler who, after all, is waging an all-out battle for a society radically different from one based on Christian principles and the belief in God.

March 15 – Speaking at the University of Western Ontario, he called God, as he has done before, “the greatest abortionist of all.”  After all, he stated, He is responsible for the many spontaneous abortions.  After this obscenity, he informed his audience that opposition to abortion comes mainly from “right-wing religions” that originated at a time when women were thought of as “second class citizens.”  (London Free Press, March 16)

March 31 – Morgentaler has made vile remarks about Christians before, and especially about Catholics, as recorded, for example, in his biography by Eleanor Pelrine.  Among other things he sees Christians, not the godless Nazis, as the instigators of the murder of close to six million Jews during World War II.

Morgentaler , while being cross-examined at Court during the hearings for an injunction on March 31 stated,

“…the same people who did the Holocaust on Jews, are the people most prominent in the anti-abortion movement.  They are totalitarian, authoritarian, dogmatic, intolerant and imbued with an inner violence….”

How many people are misled by this endless spinning of lies and deceit by a man who by now has extinguished close to 50,000 human lives?  And many more will be drawn into this untruth until the time when thousands more begin to actively resist it.