Frank Kennedy, reporter at large for The Interim kept his eyes and ears open at July’s national pro-life meeting in Winnipeg.  He came back with three stories of ordinary Canadians doing extraordinary things for their pre-born brothers and sisters.

Cross Canada Grandmother

“God has asked me to speak to the hearts of people.”

This is how Therese Weiler of Cargill, Ontario, describes her motivation in undertaking to walk all the way from Newfoundland to British Columbia.

She starts in April of 1992, and hopes to raise the consciousness of Canadians to the needs of the unborn, the handicapped and the elderly.

Business for Life is providing her with a van and all she needs now is a driver to accompany her.  Mrs. Weiler’s goal is to talk twenty to twenty-five miles a day; she how walks ten miles a day getting in practice for her arduous journey which she is calling ‘Venture for Life.’

Mrs. Weiler, interviewed by The Interim at July’s national pro-life meeting in Winnipeg, is a veteran of the pro-life movement; her husband Ron, to whom she has been married for 29 years supports her aspiration.

A healthy grandmother of five children, Mrs. Weiler is willing to spend nine months away from home on her difficult trans-Canada journey.  She is looking for places to stay, and would appreciate some help with the expenses.

“This is not just my walk – anyone who believes that all life is a gift from God has a part in this walk.  I have said “yes” to God to use my feet,” she told The Interim.

Alberta guilty

Alberta pro-life activist Wendy Denis, is designing a giant sized quilt as a ‘Memorial to the unborn.’

The quilt is a cleverly made mock-up of laser treated photographs of a thousand children’s faces, each photo having been reduced to a two-and-a-half inch square panel on cloth.

Each thousand-face quilt will become part of a ten-quilt project featuring 10,000 faces.  This figure represents one tenth of all the pre-born children killed each year in Canada yearly.  When completed, the quilts will be donated free to the pro-life movement.

Wendy, as already received 2,000 photos from all across Canada and she has a thousand pictures quilt completed already.

Wendy, 41, lives with her husband Ken, and their three children ages 8 to 15 about 45 miles from Edmonton.  Her husband Ken is an air traffic controller with the federal government and shares her strong pro-life sentiments.

Wendy plans a peaceful all night vigil for seven consecutive nights across from Henry Morgentaler’s new Edmonton abortuary due to open in September of this year. (Wendy claims that it is perfectly legal because it does not interfere with his daily conduct of business).

She is no stranger to controversy in the pro-life movement or to confrontations with Morgentaler, having recently faced him down at a pro-abortion rally in a University of Alberta lecture hall.

Wendy had been invited as a special guest of honour by the pro-life students at the university.  She became annoyed at Morgentaler’s untruths and walked out of the lecture hall, followed by a host of reporters.

Morgentaler called for questions from the floor and the pro-lifers crowding the front row seats, quickly took over the microphones and dominated the question period.

Wearing a Jewish prayer shawl, Wendy came up on the stage and addressed Morgentaler with the expression ‘Shalom.’

Morgentaler was so incensed that he stormed off the stage five minutes early and before his shocked supporters could give him a standing ovation.

Certified for life

Rev. Joseph Christensen, President of Nova Scotians United for Life, unveiled a new pro-life project which he hopes will spread across Canada.

He would like to see a certificate in every home on the wall signed by each member of the family proclaiming that in this home, everyone believes unborn children are true persons who deserve protection.

It will remind friends, relatives and neighbours, he said, of the shameful bloodbath going on in Canada today.

Father Christensen said that if the government of Canada and the judicial system don’t declare unborn children to be persons worthy of protection under the laws of the land then the citizens of Canada must do it themselves!

This attractive “Declaration” certificate is 8 x 10 inches and all of them are individually numbered and come in two colours with the Maple Leaf Seal printed in red.

To obtain your copy of the Declaration of Personhood Certificate, send $1.00 to Nova Scotians United for Life.  General Delivery, Postal Station A, 6175 Almon St., Halifax, NS, B3K 5M9.  Allow two weeks for delivery.