In what pro-lifers consider one of the most flabbergasting statements by Canada at the United Nations, the Canadian representative at the world body explained the country’s opposition to a document on Human Rights and Terrorism, saying the inference to the supremacy of the “right to life” was “unacceptable.”

At a United Nations meeting Nov. 30, the representative of Canada objected to “the assertion that the right to life is the most basic human right.”

The Canadian delegate complained that the statement “suggests that the right to life in some way takes precedence over other rights” and said other UN documents suggest “no right can take priority over the other rights or justify failing to comply with other human right.” The representative revealed the reason for the objection, stating that such language in the document “presents the risk of being used as an excuse for failure to comply with human rights obligations.”

Samantha Singson, a United Nations lobbyist with Campaign Life Coalition Canada, said that the Canadian delegation is one of the foremost promoters of abortion at the UN and that it considers abortion a “human right.”

“They want to ensure a country can’t refuse to allow abortion by claiming to protect the ‘right to life’ of the unborn – if the ‘right to life’ is stripped of its precedence in the documents then such an argument could not be made,” said Singson.

“The delegates assume the culture of death is so firmly entrenched in Canada that they can make such interventions on behalf of Canada without being held accountable.”