Recently, Amelia was travelling on a streetcar in downtown Toronto, when she passed the Aid to Women office. Immediately, she had a flashback. It was here, nine years ago, that her life took a turn for the better. With her twin boys beside her, she quickly exited the streetcar, telling them that they were going to visit good friends who lived nearby. What she did not tell them was that without the help of Aid to Women, her cherished sons would not be with her today.

Nine years ago, Amelia, a frightened nanny, was heading toward the nearby abortuary, looking hesitant and pale. Mary, an Aid to Women counsellor, approached her and gently asked, “Have you cleared your decision with God?” Startled, Amelia quietly replied, “You know I was thinking the same thing.”

They began to chat and Mary invited her upstairs to discuss the problem of her being pregnant and unmarried. Her boyfriend wanted no contact with her. After some discussion and seeing both the fetal development and abortion videos, Amelia began to change her mind about abortion. Aid to Women’s Joanne and Linda assured her of their ongoing support and before she left, they gave her one of Harriet Notten’s beautifully quilted prayer blankets. Then they lost contact with her.

However, several months later, Amelia called Aid to Women to announce that she had given birth to twins and to ask if Aid to Women could help her. They agreed and helped to establish her at home with two baby cribs, baby food and clothes and some financial help. After she became independent, they again lost contact with her – until recently when she dropped in to visit.

Delighted by her visit, Joanne later contacted Linda (now out west) and Harriet, to tell them the good news. Their birthday was approaching, so Harriet sent the twins birthday cards and money enclosures and Joanne attended their birthday party bearing gifts. At the party, Amelia confided to Joanne that she was in financial difficulty, having recently lost two part-time jobs in a nursing home because of the SARS outbreak. She feared eviction from her apartment. Knowing what a hard worker Amelia is and that she is leading a chaste life, Joanne told her that she wold arrange for Aid to Women to pay next month’s rent. At that moment, her twins’ birthday party took on a new glow for Amelia.

Since that happy reunion at the office, the boys have sent cards and thank-you notes to Aid to Women and to Harriet. Amelia is deeply grateful to those who helped her choose life for her babies. She lives north of Toronto now and seldom comes downtown. That’s why she welcomed the opportunity to get off the streetcar recently, to visit Aid to Women and re-introduce her thriving, nine-year-old miracles, Jim and Bob.

Sadly, Aid to Women has discovered that Amelia again is need of assistance. She now lives in Newmarket and needs financial and emotional help. If you can assist, please contact Aid to Women at (416) 921-6016.