Our modes Gift Annuity Program shows increasing signs of vitality.

Launched about two years ago, it has attracted a good number of pro-lifers who want to help the pro-life cause now but still need to have an additional regular source of income for the rest of their lives.

For those 60 or over, it has definite tax advantages that have made gift annuities for them worth purchasing.

Nicholas Godfrey is our income and estate planning specialist. Nicholas is with Ross Dixon Financial Services, a large investment firm that handles assets in excess of $1 billion for clients. Mr. Godfrey’s job is to buy an annuity from a secure and duly licensed insurance company at the best rate of interest that he can obtain.
The gift amounts to about 30 per cent and the balance is used to purchase the gift annuity. Mr. Godfrey said recently that he had visited a prospect in her home who decided after hearing the benefits of the Gift Annuity plan that she really didn’t need the income from the annuity and decided to make the whole amount a total gift.

And Life Ethics Educational Association, the educational arm of Campaign Life Coalition, was very grateful to receive it.

Income tax receipts are available upon request.