Saying that “God feels you are the people to instruct,” anti-euthanasia crusader, Father Thomas Lynch, challenged the 480 women gathered at the annual Toronto’s Catholic Women’s League convention to “let the true facts be known.”

Father Lynch, a professor of moral theology at St. Augustine’s Seminary in Toronto, used statistics and tales from pro-euthanasia Holland as proof that the push for euthanasia in Canada must be resisted. This was a part of the convention’s 1996 theme, “Calling Members to Holiness- Through Compassion and Love.”

Father Lynch cautioned delegates not to be swayed by the new terminology being used by many right-to-die advocates. In the same way abortion is phrased positively by pro-abortion feminists as “reproductive choice,” euthanasia is slowly becoming known as the less offensive “physician assisted suicide.”

The pro-life response to this tactic, Father Lynch believes is to emphasize the positive alternatives to euthanasia such as the need for more palliative care in Canada.

“While we may only see suffering, God sees the image of Christ in all of us,” he said.

According to the Catholic Women’s League Communications Convenor Mary Ellen Stinson, the speech was well received by many who attended. She said several women stayed behind to ask questions as to what they could do to raise the level of awareness among the general public.

Stinson also noted that 10 years ago, Father Lynch addressed the Catholic Women’s League convention in a speech entitled “The Shadow of Euthanasia over Our Land.” His sentiments then, she said, are considered today to be prophetic by many who heard him speak in both 1986 and 1996.

Also on the convention agenda was an awards presentation to the recipients of the annual student pro-life poetry and essay contest. The winning essays including “Stop the Massacre” by Monique Jardine, and “Abortion will never let you forget” by Daniel Vachon, both of Holy Family Church in Toronto.

Other winners included Kaisha Lee, and Michelle Mulrine of St. Timothy’s and St. John Vianney respectively.