Interim Staff

Campaign Life Coalition Ontario is planning a fund-raising dinner next spring to mark the 20th anniversary of the following of the pro-life organization. This was tone of the items approved April 18-20 at a provincial strategy meeting in Toronto. The dinner is to be the first of annual fund-raisers to help the provincial body continue its work to promote the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

The strategy meeting attracted more than 50 Ontario leaders. One item generating wide debate was Campaign Life’s response to the use of referenda to determine moral issues. Campaign Life remains officially opposed to the referendum plan- put forward by the Reform Party – because of its strategy to subject issues such as abortion and euthanasia to majority opinion.

Ontario president Mary Ellen Douglas said supporters came away from the meeting determined to promote pro-life success stories. “We’ve seen so many setbacks lately that we don’t always recognize some of our victories,” Douglas said.

She said one positive development for Campaign Life Coalition is the steadily increasing number of pro-life contacts in federal and provincial constituencies. Douglas said CLC is looking at ways to reach new supporters and to activate members of the public who could be won to the pro-life cause with greater educational efforts.