Once again, a new year is upon us … we look back to the old at the same time we glance forward. There are some interesting developments.

On Nov. 27, the Planned Parenthood Association of B.C. changed their name. I have no idea why they felt that the name “Planned Parenthood” no longer warranted a letterhead. That is for others to speculate. But suffice it to say that they changed their name to Options for Sexual Health. Looking back in my files, I note that in 1965, the same organization was called the “Society for Population Planning.”

I also note that one of the directors of the organization is Barbara Hestrin. Remember Barbara? The former head of Planned Parenthood of Canada, she also runs one of the abortion facilities, working out of B.C. Children’s and Women’s Health Centre, where they sometimes kill children before they are born.

Remember, you heard it here first.


Looking at the financial statement of two of Vancouver’s abortion mills, I also note a statement common to them both. It provides us with a fascinating glimpse on just how thin the support for abortion really is. To quote them both:

“The Society’s continued activities are dependent on the year-to-year renewal of it contracts with government bodies.”

In other words, at least two of Vancouver’s abortuaries would fold without taxpayer funding.

No wonder “pro-choice” groups tremble at the thought of a referendum on abortion funding.

To add to that, both Everywoman’s Health Centre and the Elizabeth Bagshaw Women’s Clinic are housed in government buildings, making the failure of the feminist movement complete. What was once supposed to be a triumph of feminist achievement is now solely dependent on government handouts and support.

So much for the “pro-choice majority.”


To those of you who contributed to the surgery for Alesio, I say thank you. About $1,000 has come in. I think we can do better, so for those of you who thought about and forgot it, please send your cheque, made out to Life News, to Life News, 621 Grandview Rd., Kelowna, B.C. V1V 2C8. Remember, this is a little boy who survived the culture of death. His parents, true heroes, turned away from abortion even if it meant not having a perfect baby. The mother, having contracted German measles, was told she should have an abortion. Alesio was born, minus the ability to hear. This surgery will give him implants in his ears, allowing him to do something you and I take for granted … listen to praises to God and even hear his mother call to him.

Remember Alesio and his family in your prayers.