I’ve always loved words. The power they have over so many areas of our daily lives – including our perception of what is right, good, and just – is fascinating. Working for The Interim enabled me to combine two of my biggest passions: writing and pro-life advocacy. I discovered one of the best ways that my skills and talents could benefit the pro-life cause is through pro-life journalism and commentary.

I was able to cover the latest news, meet and interact with many of my fellow activists, and learn more about issues that are important to me. Over four months last Summer, I grew as a writer and activist. Most importantly, I discovered a desire to communicate the truth that I never realized I had. Upon returning to Carleton University in September 2013, I added a communications minor to my degree. I am now exploring the possibility of serving a pro-life organization in a communications role after finishing university. I am happy to be writing for The Interim once again and if my editor is telling me the truth, the paper is very happy having me back for another stint.

 Taylor Hyatt will begin her fourth year of a linguistics degree at Carleton University this fall.