As reported in the Mar. 83 Interim, Joe Borowski was threatened with a lawsuit by Henry Morgentaler if he did not apologize for publicly reiterating the truth about Morgentaler’s unsanitary medical practices.

As reported in the Winnipeg Sun of Mar. 1, 1983, Borowski sent a copy of the Montreal Gazette article of Dec. 24, 1974, (reprinted elsewhere in this issue) to Morgentaler saying: “Very strange you did not threaten to sue the Gazette or the reporter who wrote that story, which is even stronger and more damaging to your… reputation.”

Morgentaler responded that he couldn’t afford it because at the time he was being tried for performing illegal abortions.

Joe Borowski states, he got his information from the excellent Toronto Right to Life Pamphlet, ‘The Facts vs. Morgentaler’. And “that’s as good as gospel.”