Pro-lifers continue to picket Ontario premier David Peterson as he travels across the province.  On a recent stop in North Bay, he was met by eighty picketers who demanded that he close the two Toronto abortuaries.

Peterson was met by the group outside the Pinewood Park Motor In.  He was there as guest speaker for a $100-a-plate Nippissing Liberal fund-raising dinner.

Campaign Life Co-coordinator Jeanie Arcand was delighted by the turnout as Campaign Life was only recently formed in North Bay.  This marks the first time that pro-lifers have picketed a politician in that city.  The turnout was twice the size that had been anticipated.

Following in his usual style, Peterson was evasive when questioned by the picketers and claimed that his government is doing all that it can.

At one point he told the pro-lifers that “you people would assume that I could just wave a magic wand.” This is a departure form the Premier’s usual comment, which he has uttered to pro-lifers across the province, that he cannot simply go into the clinic with a baseball bat.

Pro-lifers were left wondering “why not?”