Parents concerned over the radical direction the Burnaby School District has been taking were encouraged by the Nov. 19 school board election results, even though none of their five nominees made the final cut for the position of school board trustee.

“Burnaby voters have stated loud and clear that they need Burnaby Parents’ Voice on the scene to bring forward policy and proposals that will ensure parental authority over our own children and promote respect for all,” said Homara Ahmad, one of the five nominees put forward by the grassroots organization of parents.

Burnaby Parents’ Voice nominees say they were heartened by the 29,324 Burnaby voters –15 per cent of the popular vote – who supported their initiative.

George Kovacic, spokesman for Parents’ Voice, told LifeSiteNews that the election results were “very good” for a party that was formed only a few months ago to redress the debacle created by the “homophobia/heterosexism” policy 5.45, which foisted the homosexual agenda into their school district. “The results of Burnaby Parents’ Voice were achieved with very minimal money and despite the lies, deception, attacks and slander that was directed at the party,” he said.

Kovacic suggested that the election results indicated that a “large and growing number of people” want to see more “parental authority” over their children’s education and less “government control.”

“Burnaby Parents’ Voice exposed many issues with the current system – including with its administrators – which hopefully will lead to positive change and to helping the children of Burnaby,” Kovacic said.

Long Xue, another Parents’ Voice nominee called the group’s achievement in going from zero to 14.5 per cent of the popular vote in such a short amount of time a “huge success.” He added, “we know that Burnaby voters want our presence and Burnaby Parents’ Voice will keep on releasing information and ideas to make schools in Burnaby more effective and efficient.”

Campaign Life Coalition and Campaign Life Coalition British Columbia supported the parent’s group’s efforts by emailing local supporters and doing three phone blasts informing area pro-lifers about the issues and the emergence of the new pro-family party. One person involved in the project told The Interim that “we had great success in reaching supporters in the area” as a number of people contacted CLC to commit to supporting Parents’ Voice.

As a result of one email sent to CLC supporters, an independent candidate committed to supporting the Parent’s Voice slate of candidates if she was elected.

With the election over, Burnaby Parents’ Voice says it is looking forward to cooperating with staff, students and parents to find and develop common ground solutions. “I believe that this movement will continue to grow in Burnaby and elsewhere,” said Kovacic.

Parts of this story originally appeared Nov. 21 at and is reprinted with permission.