The Lord Jesus Christ has awakened me to the devastating trauma of abortion in our society, and He has called me to expose this truth to others by making a pro-life film.

I have always been pro-life, but I had not been actively involved in this battle until just recently. Two years ago, after 13 years as a secular broadcast journalist, the Lord revealed Himself to me in a powerful way and I was radically transformed and born again.

It was while visiting Jerusalem that He showed me His great desire to shatter the stronghold Satan has on the world regarding the pro-life issue. The Lord showed me that He wanted me to produce a film that would depict the pervasive death ethic in our society.

This was brought home powerfully to me one night a few months ago, when a good friend broke down in my arms. During a moment of intense grief, she told me that she had recently had an abortion and that she was devastated by the experience. She said she’d thought it was the right thing to do at the time, but now she realized she had committed murder. She carries an ultrasound picture of the aborted child in her wallet.

The Lord, true to His wonderful creativity, used this profoundly moving experience to bring the pro-life issue back to the forefront of my mind.

Abortion survivors

Two days later, He led me to an abortion survivor whose mother tried to abort him with pills 30 years ago – one year before abortion was legalized in Canada. Miraculously, John survived. He has written a song that conveys the intense emotions that came when he discovered he almost wasn’t born.

The Lord made it clear to me that He wanted to use John’s beautiful song as the foundation of a film on post-abortion trauma.

Since meeting John, the Lord has brought me to other abortion survivors, women who have had abortions, and specialists in post-abortion trauma. The Lord is a networker and He is linking me with the people He is using to bring this dark secret into His glorious light. As we approach the new millennium, it is my conviction that the Lord wants to expose the abortion lie to people throughout the world who don’t know Him, and reveal the devastating impact this lie has had on all of us.

The signs are all around us. Mistrust. Dishonesty. Cynicism. Immaturity. Lack of gratitude. Chronic unhappiness. Disregard for authority. Tenuous relationships. Increasing abortions. Hopelessness. Disinterest in God. These are all psychological conflicts that arise in a world that condones the murder of approximately 60 million innocent children each year.

Abortion and society

Dr. Philip Ney is the founder of the International Institute for Pregancy Loss and Child Abuse Research and Recovery, and he is the foremost authority on post-abortion syndrome. He says his research shows that there is a clear connection between abortion and the turmoil obvious in our society today.

“Abortion survivors are reckless with their lives and the lives of others; ‘Life is cheap.’ They are fascinated with death. They fear being destroyed, yet are attracted to it. It is almost as if they need constantly to dare death ‘to do its work,’ to prove that they are really alive. This is seen in reckless driving, the taking of street drugs, promiscuous sex with the risk of AIDS, etc.”

According to my research, one in three North American pregnancies ends in abortion, and about a quarter of our population are abortion survivors. The death ethic in our society is chillingly reminiscent of Nazi Germany, and if we do nothing we are just like the many “good” people who stayed silent while more than six million Jews were sent to death camps.

Just as in Nazi Germany, the truth is not popular, but it still must be spoken out. The Lord has directed me to play a small part in this intense spiritual battle by producing a film that will reveal that truth throughout society at large. Please pray that this film will touch peoples’ hearts and turn the tide so we can all be healed.

In undertaking this project, Gaetanne Masson is relying on her faith that God will provide the open doors. She invites Interim readers to pray about whether to provide financial support to help make her film a reality. She may be reached by email at Donations may also be sent to Gaetanne Masson c/o The Interim 306-53 Dundas St. E. Toronto, Ont. M5B 1C6.