Now that we’ve reached the real beginning of the new millennium, it’s time to take a gander at where we’ve gone in the past year.

Canada’s abortion industry continues to play a lousy defense when it comes to articulating their reasons for supporting child killing. We need look no further than our recent federal election campaign to gaze upon the rotted corpse of choice.

Blaming global warming on Stockwell Day and the Canadian Alliance Party did not endear Abortion, Inc. to those who value substantial intelligence as a means of debating issues.

Morally bankrupt iconoclasts seemed at a loss to explain why they have difficulty with any referendums or votes that might restrict their right to abort gay females. But that should come as no surprise to anyone with an IQ in the double digits.

The Globe and Mail and the rest of Canada’s elite held hands and sang Kumbaya with the abortionists and mouthpieces of Abortion, Inc., regularly assuring us of “social peace” on abortion, adding that the debate was decided a long time ago, thank you very much, now go home.

‘Social peace’

One is at a loss to explain what could be wrong with taking restrictions on abortion directly to the people. Especially in light of the fact that a certain Henry Morgentaler, who had no respect for the law, established our so-called “social peace,” breaking the law and disturbing the peace whenever and wherever it was in his best interest to do so. The streets of Canada being much safer when social peace on this issue meant him spending his time making license plates.

But I digress. The new generation of pro-life activist enjoys life, has a sense of humour, and is dedicated to the task of shaking the tranquility of the “social peace” we have enjoyed since 1988. And it terrifies the save-the-baby-whale-but-kill-the-human-babies movement to no end.

Why else would they rip up our posters and dress up as pregnant nuns, anti-Catholic bigotry foaming at their mouths? Why else would they announce the end of civilization as we know it when any vote for the Canadian Alliance is cast? Why would they blow their bubbles outside the abortion hospitals and mills of Canada? What makes them tremble with rage when they see the likes of Mary Wagner, praying outside their baby chop-shops? Why do they loose sleep at the thought of a grandmother kneeling in silent prayer outside their houses of termination?

What makes them afraid?

Why do their political leaders excommunicate themselves from their churches by publicly boasting of their support of “choice,” all the while cowardly avoiding any debate on what “choice” means?

Why do they refuse to even appear on radio talk shows, television programs, to speak of what they fear – the value of unborn life?

What makes them afraid of newspaper ads that tell what happens behind closed doors, of the buying and selling of body parts from their chop-shops? Seeking to censure the truth, they fear the truth makes the Dr. Mengeles of the scientific community look bad. Why is that?

Yes, my friends, we’ve come a long way. But be encouraged. At the National Abortion Federation convention held in British Columbia a couple years ago, conference attendees noted their moral misgivings and their depression on the front lines, and even while celebrating their legal victories they could not stop wallowing in their moral losses.

And that is why the pro-life movement continues to win. The culture war is ours to seize. While they stutter their reasons for not wanting to talk about their secret things, they reveal to us the real reason they fear to debate, speak, and proclaim what they support. For the “social peace” they have won has come at a terrible loss to each and every one of them. They lost their moral peace. And that is why we sleep at night and they don’t.

Blessings to you all in 2001!