While the Internet has its cesspool of pornography and propaganda, there are surprisingly, hundreds of thousands of pro-God and pro-life messages.

A quick search listed more than one million web sites on the subject of “sex,”it also listed more than 800,000 on the subject of God. Some sites ridicule God and Christianity but many are exhaustive and innovative approaches to evangelization and biblical study.

Under “sex”, however, the subjects are shocking. The very first site advertised an index to finding photos of anal sex, bestiality, lesbianism, and people urinating on each other.

Here are the number of web sites that the Alta Vista search engine located under various subject headings:

Birth control: 1,400,720

Sex: 1, 275,480

God: 846,010

Christianity: 119,950

Abortion: 102,380

Planned Parenthood: 22,710

Euthanasia: 19,520

Planned Parenthood:

Pro-life: 7,845

Contraceptives: 5,810

Pro-choice: 5,353

(Note: For the computer illiterate, web sites offer text, graphics, and color photos. Search engines, like librarians, hunt up how many web sites they can find, under a subject or title).

Using the Yahoo! search engine, a survey of the first 100 web sites on “abortion” found that 65 sites were pro-choice. However, 24 sites were pro-life and 11 sites were neutral, indicating that the anti-life message has not totally dominated cyberspace.

Many of the pro-choice sites are set up by abortion clinics and organizations, offering arguments for abortion rights, describing violence against abortion clinics and price schedules. For instance, the South Jersey Women’s Centre is offering abortions up to the 14th week of pregnancy for $450 (U.S.) or $495 (U.S.) including general anesthesia.

One web site presents Order of the Virgin Mothers, a one-act play ridiculing religious life, about nuns who save frozen fetuses from destruction and have them implanted in themselves, giving birth to two or three children at a time.

“Abortion Clinics Online” (I was visitor number 125,794) offers a comprehensive list of abortion clinics in the United States and elsewhere. The site lists 10 abortion clinics in Canada, five owned by Henry Mortgentaler and four in Vancouver.

One site presented the essay “Why Abortion is Biblical” (located at HYPERLINK http://www.elroy.com/her/abortion.html), which criticized Christians for taking biblical passages out of context and then proceeded to take biblical passages out of context. The author argued that King Solomon argued in favor of abortion and euthanasia when he said in Ecclesiastes 4:1-3 that “I congratulated the dead who are already dead more than the living who are still living. But better off than both of them is the one who has never existed, who has never seen the evil activity that is done under the sun.”

The article does not say that the book was written to explain that the wonders of the world cannot satisfy our restless hearts and cannot be taken literally.

Of the 11 neutral sites, many provide legal and historical information on the abortion issue. The web site “Partial-birth Abortion Laws” lists the 17 American states in which partial-birth abortion has been banned.

The 24 pro-life sites included Baptists For Life, Kentucky Nurses for Life, Abort-no-more Network, Jesus Connect and Should I have an abortion? which caters to young adults and teens, and includes testimonies from young women who regret having had an abortion.

Wrote one: “I always wonder what the baby looks like. I had a dream that I kept the baby. He had dark hair. He had thin lips like mine. I always think of it, everyday at school. I miss him.”

The innovative “American Holocaust Memorial” (located at http://hope.net.com/memorial/index.html) allows you to insert your own dedication to an aborted baby. Of the 101 entries, the first states: “Baby William 3/93. Never seen, but surely felt. I miss you. Love mommy.”