“All we are saying is give life a chance!”  That was the feeling put into constructive action outside one of the biggest abortion centers in Toronto.  On October 13 at 85 Harbord Street, Students for Life rallied for Justice for the Unborn, and with the attendance of well over 400 students, it was a great success.

The demonstration began with the arrival of students from Phillip Pocock School in Mississauga, followed by a group from Kitchener Waterloo students.  The numbers soared, throughout the afternoon as the students braced the chilling weather and the harsh words of the abortuary staff.  Other schools present were: Michael Power, St. Joseph’s, St. Joseph’s Morrow Park, St. Joseph’s Wellesly, Loretto College, Loretto Abbey, St. Robert’s Francis Libermann, St. Michael’s Choir, St. Michael’s College High School/University Chapter, and Scarlett Heights Secondary School in Mississauga.

A number of special activities went according to plan and resulted in positive responses from those present.  A quantity of black balloons were released and a miniature black coffin was used for a mock funeral. Two students acted as pallbearers, marching solemnly in front of the abortion mill while a trumpeter played the “Last Post.”  Simultaneously, the balloons were released along with a white balloon representing hope,  Followed by a moment of silence and prayer service led by Father Ted Colleton.