Recently, Aid to Women, an agency dedicated to counselling women not to go through with abortion and then caring for their baby once its born, celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Joanne Dieleman, director of Aid to Women, recounts the story of Ashley, a baby who was saved this year.

Ashley is one of the countless (over 1,000 confirmed) babies who have been saved by Joanne’s ministry over the last ten years.

At the ten-year celebration of The Way Inn/Aid to Women, we had some very special guests.

Ashley, her mom and her sister wanted to be part of the celebration. Said Mom, who prefers her name not to be revealed: “I want to show everyone involved with your ministry what a precious gift my daughter is. I want to tell them it (your help) is really true.”

On a cold wintry Monday (after a talk with a social worker) mom arrived for an abortion appointment at the Cabbage Town Women’s Clinic. She was 4 months pregnant.

Talking to her on the sidewalk in front of the abortuary, we managed to solve most of her problems: a month’s rent, help with moving, payment of piled bills and babysitting after Ashley was born.

Ashley is 10-weeks-old now. We have committed ourselves to providing formula (S.M.A. in liquid form with iron) and diapers. Ashley will need some major heart surgery in the future and we expect to be involved with this family for a while.