The Human Life International Symposium on Human Sexuality planned for April 23-27 in Montreal, has something for everyone concerned with todays multi-faceted attacks on family and community.

Father Paul Marx, HLI’s energetic president promises “solutions to abortion and abortifacients, contraception, fornication, Godless sex education population control, sterilization, homosexuality, pornography and test-tube babies.”

An impressive list of guest-speakers and a packed programme of workshop discussions will keep conference participants on their toes for almost four days.

Keynote speaker on the first evening will be Albin Rhomberg, author of The American Holocaust and an authority on government family policies.  On the final evening, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, feologist, ex-abortionist and controversial creator of The Silent Scream will speak.  His topic will be “Beyond the Silent Scream.”

The afternoon and evening of the second day will be devoted to youth.  The programme, directed towards senior high school and CEGEP students, will discuss such topics as chastity, love and marriage preparation.

Natural Family Planning education has long been one of the main challenges of HLI and Father Marx has criss-crossed the world promoting NFP.  Dr. Claude Lanctot, executive director of the International Federation and Family Life Promotion, will lead workshops on “NFP: the latest on methods” and NFP worldwide.”  Other speakers will discuss “Birth control: why are they lying to women.”  “The workings and harm of the Pill and IUD.”  “Promoting chastity and true Christian femininity” and much more.

Many international experts will discuss world problems.  Steve Mosher, author of The Broken Earth: the rural Chinese, will discuss the population control programme in China.  Valeria Riches, honourary secretary of The Responsible Society in Great Britain, will talk on “The UN: women, discrimination and feminism.”  Sex and family in Latin America, in India, Africa and Japan form the topics of other workshops.

Canadian experts are also on the list of speakers.  Activist Joe Borowski will speak on the dynamics of pro-life involvement.  Philosophy professor and author, Dr. Donald de Marco, will address “Contraception and the fear of intimacy.” Interim associate editor, Father Alphonse de Valk, will detail the history of abortion in Canada.  Dr. David Dooley, professor of English at the University of Toronto, will tackle the effects of pornography on the family.

Pro-life activists in Canada will draw inspiration from workshops led by Joe Scheidler and John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe.  Both men have a wealth of experience to share.